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New Freshmen: Advising Information

New Fall Quarter Students

Registering for your first quarter at EWU:

Now that you're admitted to EWU, you'll need to complete all of the steps on the the EWU Admitted Students webpage.  Step 5 will walk you through signing up for firstSTEP Orientation. The result of your firstSTEP survey will help advisors register you for classes.  For the first quarter at Eastern, classes are selected for incoming freshmen to guarantee that you and your peers are in a schedule that fulfills your graduation requirement.

New Winter, Spring and Summer Quarter Students

Registering for your first quarter at EWU:

New freshmen must meet with an advisor before they can be eligible to register for classes.  The "New Student" hold, which prohibits student from registering will be lifted during their advising appointment.

  1. Confirm your intent to enroll and pay the New Student Enrollment Fee.
  2. Call Academic Advising at 509.359.2345 to find out how to make an appointment with your advisor. Many students will meet a general academic advisor in GUAA, while some students will be meeting with a program or college advisor. The Academic Advising front desk will direct you to the correct place! 

Academic advising for new freshmen:

What is an academic advisor?

Your academic advisor is your resource for all things academic at EWU. Your advisor will help you with navigating registration, choosing a major, planning classes towards graduation, and many other things.

Advisors will direct you to the right department that can best answer your questions for concerns outside of the academic advising realm.  You will work with your academic advisor typically your first two years at EWU. Students transition to a major advisor upon officially declaring a major - usually once they've reached 90 credits, or Junior standing.  Academic advisors are located in many offices across campus, though most students meet with an advisor in General Undergraduate Academic Advising (GUAA).

How can my academic advisor help me?

Your academic advisor will assist you with:

  • understanding the general education and graduation requirements
  • understanding your Mathematics and English placement
  • choosing a major/career field
  • planning classes towards graduation
  • help getting connected with campus resources including the Math Tutoring Lab and PLUS Groups
  • study skills and strategies
  • time management skills
  • and much, much more!

How do I contact my academic advisor if I have a question?

Schedule an appointment: Most advisors across campus see students on an appointment basis. Call the GUAA front desk at: 509.359.2345 to schedule an appointment, or find your academic or departmental advisor's contact information here. It is a good idea to schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor at least once each quarter, especially if you are struggling or having difficulties in a class.

Walk-in hours are available at Sutton Hall on Wednesdays from 3 to 5 pm.  Walk-in hours are also available at the Learning Commons inside the JFK Library on Tuesdays thru Thursdays during certain specific times with a specific advisor.  Check when your advisor is working the Learning Commons. ( Additionally, advisors in General Undergraduate Academic Advising (GUAA) have walk-in times available on the first day of classes each quarter. Walk-ins are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Walk-ins is not the norm and student should generally schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor. If you have an advisor outside of GUAA, make sure to contact him or her directly to inquire about potential walk-in times.

Call or email your advisor: Call or email your academic advisor with questions or concerns. If more time is needed, your advisor may have you schedule an appointment to come in.

*All students with fewer than 45 earned college credits are required to meet with their academic or departmental advisor at least once each quarter prior to registration.*

When can I meet with my academic advisor?

You can schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor any available time during his or her regular office hours. Most offices on-campus operate Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm. Appointments are generally 30 minutes long. Call the Advising front desk at: 509.359.2345 to schedule an appointment, or find your academic or departmental advisor's contact information here.

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