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Petition for Academic Reinstatement

**Graduate students: contact Graduate Studies for academic reinstatement information.**

Petition for academic reinstatement instructions:

Undergraduate students who have been academically dismissed and who wish to return to EWU must petition for academic reinstatement. Before petitioning for academic reinstatement, please review the full Academic Probation, Dismissal and Reinstatement Policy.

Please be aware, academic reinstatement is different from financial aid reinstatement. Please be aware that approval of a Petition for Academic Reinstatment does not imply that financial aid will also be reinstated. Please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office directly for information about financial aid eligibility requirements.

Students academically dismissed for the first time are eligible to petition for academic reinstatement after remaining out of EWU for one academic quarter (Fall, Winter, or Spring). Students dismissed for a second time are eligible to petition for reinstatement after remaining out of EWU for one calendar year (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer). Both a first- and second-time petition should demonstrate your readiness for academic success and reflect a more positive academic position.

To petition for academic reinstatement for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters, please complete the following:

  1. All returning EWU students must reactivate their EWU Email account.
  2. Complete the Undergraduate Petition for Academic Reinstatement online form. Please answer the questions on the Petition (as a formal letter), if you need additional space you may upload a PDF document. No more than two (2) pages in length, single-spaced. A handwritten response will NOT be accepted. Please see the Guidelines to Petition for Academic Reinstatement for tips and suggestions for completing your petition.
  3. Attach official transcripts for any college or university coursework since your last attendance at EWU (or in progress transcripts, if grades are not yet available). 
  4. Attach any documentation that may assist the Academic Reinstatement Committee in making their decision (such as a letter from a doctor or lawyer, or a police report).
  5. Students who have been absent from EWU for more than four quarters must apply for re-admission to EWU once their academic reinstatement has been approved. Please visit the Admissions Office website for information about applying as a Returning Undergraduate (former EWU student).

Petitions and ALL supporting documentation must be received in General Undergraduate Academic Advising by 5pm on the posted deadline:

If the Student is Dismissed at the End of: The Student May Petition to Return to EWU for:
The Deadline for Petition for Academic Reinstatement is:
    Spring or Summer Quarter     Winter Quarter     October 31
    Winter Quarter     Summer and Fall Quarter     April 30
    Fall Quarter     Spring Quarter     January 31

Please direct any questions to:

Dr. Chuck Lopez
Associate Dean
University College
Showalter Hall 117

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