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Worried About a Friend

Talk with your friend in private. Let him or her know that you are concerned.

Listen to and try to understand your friend before giving advice or an opinion.

Try to help your friend make a plan or identify options that might be helpful.

If your friend is in imminent danger of hurting him/herself or someone else, immediately call the police (911) or the Regional Crisis Line (877-266-1818).

NEVER agree to keep threats to self or others secret.

If your friend is not in imminent danger, but you believe your friend needs the help of a counselor, let your friend know that seeing a counselor might be helpful. Suggest counseling as a resource, rather than telling him/her that they should go. Give the friend the phone number of Counseling and Psychological Services (509-359-2366). If you feel comfortable doing so, offer to accompany your friend to the Center.

If you believe a situation is beyond your capacity to help, call a counselor and ask for consultation. Also, if your friend has engaged in self-harm behavior(s), please contact the Dean of Students' Office to initiate appropriate campus resources to assist them (see Suicide Prevention section). A Student Concern/Incident Report can also be completed below.

Student Concern/Incident Report Form (not for imminent risk or concerns).


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