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Sleep Tips

Need Some Help Falling Asleep?

These suggestions are just that, suggestions. They are not dogma. For example, caffeine might not keep you awake at night. But if you are having trouble falling asleep, try avoiding caffeinated drinks after lunch and see if you fall asleep easier. Use what works for you and makes sense for your lifestyle.

• Try to develop a routine. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. It will help you fall asleep quicker and wake up easier as your internal clock starts to change.

• Eat healthy and exercise regularly, but avoid large meals or rigorous exercise three hours prior to bedtime.

• Avoid caffeine in the evening. Caffeine has a long half-life and can still be affecting your body five to seven hours after consuming.

• Develop a bedtime ritual, such as a hot bath or reading a book for pleasure, that allows you to relax and prepares your body and mind for sleep. Going directly to bed after a busy stressful day can result in lying in bed with your mind racing. Watching TV or surfing the net can also interfere with developing a quiet mind for sleep.

• Listen to music with a slow rhythm and a deep pitch. It will help slow your metabolism and release chemicals in your body similar to tranquilizers.

• Make sure the temperature is comfortable for you. Do you need to feel warm and cozy to fall asleep or do you prefer to sleep cool?

• Make your bed the most comfortable place in the world for you, with the right mattress, pillows, sheets, and blankets or quilts.

• Avoid bright light prior to going to bed. Light is a signal to our body to wake up.

• Find what works for you and do it. If it stops working, be flexible and try something else.

Enjoy sleeping. It does not mean you are lazy or irresponsible. Nor does it mean you are missing out on fun. Sleep is what allows you to take a responsible attitude in life, complete tasks to the best of your ability, and to feel alive and energetic during your waking hours.



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