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Resources for Parents

This area of our website includes various pages of information that you may find useful as a parent of an Eastern student. Included is information on 'letting go' and transitions, as well as what you might expect as a parent of a new college student. As you already know, this is an exciting and stressful time for both students and parents. Your patience will likely be tested and you will, no doubt, be concerned about your student at one time or another. Your son or daughter will experience many challenges and changes during their first year in college. You will also change, and the challenges of growing with a young adult will be present during those initial visits at home, as well as more extended stays during the holidays.

Through this time, please remember a metaphor for parenting - that of giving a child the 'roots to grow and the wings to fly.' Remember that you have given your child the roots and wings they need to be confident in their ability to grow as a human being. However, as they test their wings in college, there are inevitable stresses and challenges that will arise. We are here for your student, and helping them to succeed at Eastern is our primary goal. Below you will find links to several articles, as well as books and websites that may assist you as you traverse your own journey.

Counseling and Psychological Services provides consultations to parents concerned about their student's welfare. Such consultations can focus on a range of issues, including how to assist your son or daughter through a difficult situation, how to refer a person to the Center, or how to locate appropriate additional mental health services for a student. Staff at CAPS abide by the ethical standards of our various professions, particularly a student's right to confidentiality, however this does not preclude us from hearing from concerned parents. To consult with one of our staff, simply contact the Center at 509-359-2366 and ask to speak with a counselor. CAPS provides walk-in services Monday through Friday, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. As such, this is often a good time to consult with one of our staff.


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