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When Counseling May Be Needed

Trauma or Crisis in Relationships
- Recent significant loss or rejection
- Loss or illness of a family member or close friend
- Conflict with roommate, friend, or family
- Victim of assault or domestic abuse

Unusual Behavior or Marked Change in Behavior
- Depression or marked anxiety
- Listlessness or frequently falling asleep in class
- Disruptive or threatening behavior in classroom or residence
- Changes in appearance, including weight and hygiene
- Extreme mood changes or excessive, inappropriate display of emotion
- Sudden withdrawal from social contacts
- Insomnia or excessive sleep
- Hyperactivity, chronic irritability, or excessive anxiety
- Confusion, disorientation, or bizarre behavior (loss of touch with reality)

Problems with Academic Performance
- Poor performance/preparation (esp. if represents a change from prior functioning)
- Repeated requests for special accommodations
- Test or speech anxiety
- Confusion over low performance

Choice of Major or Career
- Indecision about interests, abilities, or values
- Lack of alternatives, especially when failing
- Poor performance in major

Harmful Statements or Behaviors
- Overt references to suicide or statements of helplessness or hopelessness
- Indications of persistent or prolonged unhappiness
- Extreme risk-taking behavior

Substance Abuse
- Evidence of excessive and/or increased use of alcohol or other drugs
- Impaired daily functioning secondary to use (e.g., not attending classes/work)

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