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The Demanding Student

Any amount of time and energy may simply not be enough for some students. Such students often seek to control your time and unconsciously believe that the amount of time received is a reflection of personal worth. In many situations, these individuals feel incompetent to handle their own lives. Usually they are immature and very self-absorbed.

Helpful Responses—

  • Set clear and precise limits with the student.
  • Stick to the limits no matter how much s/he protests.
  • Let the individual make his/her own choices and decisions, clarifying the logical consequences of such choices.
  • Refer the student to other students in class, their friends or campus/community resources.

Less Helpful Responses—

  • Taking responsibility for the individual.
  • Letting the student "trap" you into solving his/her life problems.
  • Allowing him/her to use you as a sole source of support.
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