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Dealing with Students in Distress: A Guide for Faculty, Staff and Administrators

As faculty and staff, you come into contact with many students on a daily basis. You are on the "front lines" and, as such, are in an excellent position to observe students, identify those who may be in emotional distress, and offer assistance. While your concern and support may often be enough to help the student, there will be times when you may feel a referral for additional professional assistance is warranted. This portion of our website is designed to acquaint you with the services of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), to assist you in helping students in distress, and to guide you in making referrals to helping professionals.

Behavioral changes and stressful events in student's lives which may warrant counseling are outlined in "When Counseling May Be Needed," while subsequent sections address specific types of emotional concerns or psychological problems that you my encounter when working with students (providing suggestions for dealing with specific types of emotional problems). It is critical to bear in mind that while you may be a key source of support for a student, you can't be expected to do it all. When you feel particularly concerned about a distressed student, please feel free to consult with Counseling Center staff or the Dean of Students Office (the form below may be submitted after hours as well). Note that walk-in services are available at the Counseling Center from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (call CAPS at 509-359-2366 for more information). 

Student Concern/Incident Report Form (not for imminent risk or concerns). 
Faculty and Staff Resource Guide

o Helping Students
o When Counseling May Be Needed
o Listening Skills
o Defusing Anger in Others
o The Depressed Student
o The Suicidal Student
o The Aggressive Student
o The Anxious Student
o The Demanding Student
o The Suspicious Student
o The Student In Poor Contact With Reality
o The Violent or Physically Destructive Student
o The Substance Abusing Student

o CAPS Services
o Professional Staff
o Suicide Prevention
o Trauma Recovery Education at Eastern
o Student Workshop Series
o Counseling Groups



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