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Accounts Payable - Lori Holznagel, Manager A/P and Travel
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Cheney, WA 99004-2445
phone: (509) 359-6370
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Accounts Payable Tutorials

How to prepare an Invoice Voucher form A19

  1. Department Name: EWU Department name and mail stop
  2. Vendor or Claimant: the Payee's name and address
  3. Fed ID# or SS#: must be provided if the form is being used for contract payments
  4. Vendor's Certificate: vendor must sign (vendor signature) if form is being used as an original invoice for goods or services, or if vendor is being reimbursed for items which do not require receipts (i.e. individual meals and mileage)
  5. Date: date voucher is prepared
  6. Description: itemization of goods and services; receipt number of vendor's payment must be provided on refunds
  7. Quantity, unit, unit price: optional
  8. Amount: total to be paid
  9. Department Approval and Date: signature of person with budget authority and date they signed
  10. Index, Fund and Account: department's six-digit index or fund is required; five-digit account should be provided if known
  11. LIQ: General encumbrance number or contract number, if applicable
  12. Amount: Total to be paid

How to prepare a Voucher Distribution Form A19-2B

  1. Vendor number and Name box: 8-digit number obtained from Banner; leave blank if unavailable.  Provide vendor's full name and remittance address below  the vendor number.
  2. Department Name, Contact and Phone #: provide department information.
  3. Beginning and ending Banner Number boxes: leave blank
  4. Invoice Date: date of invoice
  5. Disc Code column: leave blank
  6. Due date column: due date based on terms of invoice, usually 30 days from invoice date or leave blank.
  7. Invoice number column: invoice number of document being paid; if there is no invoice number, then the account number that the vendor has assigned to the invoice should be provided here; see also special note below *
  8. Encl Code column: leave blank or the letter "I" if you want a copy of the invoice to be mailed with the check to the vendor (please provide extra copy of invoice)
  9. Reference number column: provide appropriate reference number here.  e.g. purchase order, travel authorization, bookstore, contract etc.; leave blank if unknown.
  10. Tax Group column: leave blank
  11. Gross amount column: amount of invoice to be paid; see also special note below *
  12. Index, Fund and Account columns: provide six-digit department index or fund number and five-digit account number, if known; see also special note below *.
  13. Remaining columns are for accounts payable use.
  14. Net amount box: total of invoice(s) to be paid
  15. Prepared by box: name of person who prepared the form and date prepared
  16. Authorized by box: signature of person authorized to sign for all department budgets being paid.

*Special Note: if a single invoice is to be paid out of several department accounts, then those accounts must be listed separately on consecutive lines of the voucher distribution with the corresponding amounts



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