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Curriculum and Policies


Curriculum and Policy

The Office of Academic Planning supports the academic, student-centered mission of the University by contributing practical, consistent administrative leadership aimed at developing successful interactions between students and faculty within the educational process and addressing the challenges that arise in the delivery of the University's general curricular programs.

To fulfill its mission the Office of Academic Planning will:

  • Provide archival and implementation support for the Undergraduate Affairs Committee and administrative units engaged in academic policy and course/program approval;
  • Establish and maintain curricular relationships with community colleges through collaborative programs, the establishment of course-by-course equivalencies, and other articulation tools;
  • Facilitate collaborative interactions between Academic Affairs and Student Services to create a navigable, student-centered learning environment.

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Office of Academic Planning Eastern Washington University
207 Showalter Hall
Cheney, WA 99004
Ph: (509) 359-2890

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