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S.M.A.R.T. Faculty & Staff Poster Sessions

What is S.M.A3.R.T.?

May 15th

The S.M.A3.R.T. Faculty & Staff Poster Sessions provide a unique opportunity to bring EWU professionals to come together to share their activities across a diverse audience. This event connects those involved in Successful: Mentoring, Administration, Advising, Arts, Research, and Teaching to Eastern Washington University's three-tiered strategic plan (Student Success, Institutional Innovation, and Community Engagement). We invite EWU faculty & staff to submit abstracts to these professional development poster sessions. We also welcome interested faculty & staff from the Spokane Community Colleges to register for the event to connect with EWU professionals and learn more about University practices.  

Abstract/Description Submission & Online Registration


Abstracts are due April 7th!

Posters are due to be laminated April 21st! If you have questions about your poster visit this page here.

After you submit or register you will receive a confirmation email. 

*Persons with special needs may arrange accommodations 72 hours before the event by contacting the symposium coordinator

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