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2009 Symposium

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Creative Works Session 1 - No Judging

Creative Works Session 2 - Music

Winner                                 Nicholas Bailey, Spencer Peugh
Honorable Mention                Christina Pendleton, Jason Baker

Creative Works Session 3 - University Theatre, Lobby and Stage

Winner                                 Tanya Amdal 
Honorable Mention                 Brandon Bogaert

Creative Works Session 4 - Film

Winner                                 Tyler Cathey, Nick Pearson 
Honorable Mention                 Kiah Owen

Oral Session 1 - Psychology

Winner                                  Dani Schroeder, Laura Ruge, Tina Myers, Cindi Harding,
                                            Carley Cysensky
Honorable Mention                 Lizabeth Stanley, Kellee Jarmin, Ashley Sprecher, Katie Jacot

Oral Session 2 - English I

Winner                                 Frank Simpson
Honorable Mention                Julia Allen

Oral Session 3 - History and Art History

Winner                                 Matthew Scheffer
Honorable Mention                Kari McClure

Oral Session 4 - English II

Winner                                Jessica Dinneen
Honorable Mention               Andrea Whittemore

Oral Session 5 - Biology and Chemistry/Biochemistry

Winner                                Katie Wagner
Honorable Mention               Yohan Kim

Oral Session 6 - Women's and Gender Studies, Children's Studies, Sociology and Anthropology

Winner                                Alica Mizer
Honorable Mention               Amber Pitzler

Oral Session 7 - Communication Studies

Winner                                Ashley Baxter
Honorable Mention               Dustin Massie

Oral Session 8 - Engineering and Design

Winner                                Paul Gorka, Sean Smith
Honorable Mention               Justin Wagner

Oral Session 9 - English III

Winner                               Ryan Siemers
Honorable Mention               Peter Moe

Oral Session 10 - Philosophy

Winner                                Ryan Weldon
Honorable Mention               Bil Childress

Oral Session 11 - No Judging

Oral Session 12 - Creative Writing

Winner                                Scott Eubanks
Honorable Mention               Claire Barnard

Oral Session 13 - Government, Public Administration and Health Services Administration

Winner                                Jillian Hernandez
Honorable Mention               Cara Myers

Oral Session 14 - Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Winner                                Megan Kranenburg
Honorable Mention               Kelly Bunkers, Nathan Miller, Don Rupe, Laura Smith, Marissa Williams




Group 1

Winner                                Laura Preciado
Honorable Mention               Michelle Livengood

Group 2

Winner                                Andrew Rowley, Dan Mackay
Honorable Mention               Gene Crow, Jeff Schell, Andrew Huffaker, Kim Hiatt

Group 3

Winner                               Rasmiah Abou-Ammo, Azra Grudie
Honorable Mention              Manee Moua

Group 4

Winner                               Gregory Herting
Honorable Mention               Aaron Sachs, Tara Ransom

Group 5

Winner                               Alicia Caldejon
Honorable Mention              Alex Pentecost

Group 6

Winner                                Christine Olsen, April Axtell, Ami McBride
Honorable Mention               Kathryn Zemek, Claire Irvine, Irene Lowe

Group 7

Winner                                Stephen Goldrick
Honorable Mention               Chelsea Clinton

Group 8

Winner                                Tiffany Fulkerson
Honorable Mention               Daniel Wilson



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