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2008 Symposium

View the 2008 program in pdf form.

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Creative Works Session 1 - Music

Winner                                Henry McNulty
Honorable Mention                Alexander Wolfe

Creative Works Session 2 - Creative Writing, Visual Communication

Winner                                 Amanda Frederick
Honorable Mention                 Shira Richman

Creative Works Session 3 - Electronic Media and Film

Winner                                 Colin Johnson 
Honorable Mention                 PawLy P, Aaron Fink

Oral Session 1 - Psychology

Winner                                  Wendy Rosenau
Honorable Mention                  Julian Mendez

Oral Session 2 - Computer Science

Winner                                    Byron Masterson
Honorable Mention                    Johnathon Warner

Oral Session 3 - Philosophy

Winner                                    Ryan Downie
Honorable Mention                    Jeffrey Ewing, Richard Devenport

Oral Session 4 - English I

Winner                                  Tiffany Chambers
Honorable Mention                  Katie Hass

Oral Session 5 - Biology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry

Winner                                  Brandee Gregory, Krista Morrow, Alicia Ewing
Honorable Mention                  Elizabeth Simonson

Oral Session 6 - Anthropology, Linguistics, Sociology, Spanish

Winner                                  Jennifer Shannahan
Honorable Mention                  Patrick Wilkinson

Oral Session 7 - History, Art History, Film History

Winner                                 Candice Helsing
Honorable Mention                 Brad Thew, Oswald Fonseca

Oral Session 8 - Engineering and Design

Winner                               Ryan Hatch, Isaac Floding, Kaleb Rideout, Barry Gaunce
Honorable Mention               Adam Huson

Oral Session 9 - Social Work, Recreation, Occupational Therapy

Winner                               Rebecca Strickler, Angela Weathers, Nick DeGroat, Christina Richter, Johanna Evans
Honorable Mention               Sheri Frantilla, Michelle Magers

Oral Session 10 - English II

Winner                               Andrea Whittemore, Katsuhide Tsuchiya
Honorable Mention               Mana Okabe

Oral Session 11 - Physical Therapy

Winner                               Kevin Spiegel
Honorable Mention               Kristen Parkin

Oral Session 12 - Government, International Studies, Africana Education

Winner                               Matthew Holmes
Honorable Mention               Margo Butcher

Oral Session 13 - Urban & Regional Planning, Health Services Administration

Winner                               Christopher Green
Honorable Mention               Claudine Richardson-Fraser


Group 1

Winner                               Jennifer Clinton
Honorable Mention               Leslie Rodriguez, Katie Finnie, Chris Williams

Group 2

Winner                               Casey Moyer, Sarah Hampton
Honorable Mention               Angela Carlson, Rhonda Pinto, Shannon Harris, Jocelyn Lowe, Kathi Smith

Group 3

Winner                               Matt Duda
Honorable Mention               Daniel Dodge

Group 4

Winner                              Margaret Marshall
Honorable Mention              Claudine Richardson-Fraser

Group 5

Winner                              John Toepke
Honorable Mention              Kevin Rupp

Group 6

Winner                             Carly Reynolds, Jessica Brophy, Lisette Cerenzia, Kimberley Tolley
Honorable Mention             Dan MacKay, Catherine Douglas, Matt Pegram, Jenesis Imai

Group 7

Winner                             Ia Xiong
Honorable Mention             Christopher Loux, Jessica Oxiles, Lauri Lindquist, Yesenia Guevera


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