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Florence & Earle Stewart Book and Cultural Event Scholarship

 Established in 1989, the Florence & Earle Stewart Book and Cultural Event Scholarship is offered to students at Eastern Washington University as a way ... "for students to begin building a personal lifetime library or to experience cultural activities to the symphony, theater, etc." 

Books awarded by this fund are primarily intended to be cultural additions to the recipient's personal library. Students can apply for 1) up to two books; 2) apply for one ticket to a cultural event plus one book; or 3) apply for one cultural event.        

When to apply

To be considered for this scholarship please complete the online application by established deadline (4th Friday of the quarter - except Summer), as indicated in section below. Completed applications must include the title of the book, 13-digit IBSN, type of educational or cultural event, actual cost (include tax & shippping) and source of the book or event.  Incomplete or  late applications will as a rule not be processed. 

For details about the application requirements please refer to web pages: Scholarship Guidelines and Scholarship Criteria & Award Amount.

How to apply

  • Complete an online Florence and Earle Stewart Book/Cultural Event Scholarship Application.
  • Write a short essay.
  • Obtain a review of the book(s) or cultural event, from a professor, library or internet source.
  • Submit an online application by the deadline by clicking on the link indicated below.
  1. As of September 21st, EWU students full-time during Fall Quarter/Semester 2016 may apply for Florence & Earle Stewart Book/Cultural Event Scholarship by clicking on application form link:  APPLY NOW FOR STEWART BOOK/EVENT SCHOLARSHIP

  2. Also EWU Faculty may apply complete application below for Florence & Earle Stewart Book/Cultural Event Scholarship funds to purchase Event tickets for a group of  students who are full-time status during Fall Quarter/Semester 2016: 
    Faculty Application

  3. On Friday, October 14th at 4:30 p.m., applications from EWU students (full-time) to EWU Faculty for Florence & Earle Stewart Book/Event Scholarship will be closed for Fall Quarter/Semester 2016.
  4. Beginning October 21th,  this office will forward to the EWU Bookstore all approved book requests to order for all full-time EWU students awarded Florence & Earle Stewart Book/Event Scholarship for Fall Quarter/Semester 2016.
  5. December 9th is the last day full-time EWU students awarded  this scholarship to submit their receipt for reimbursement of event ticket purchased. 


For more information, call 509.359.2035

or email

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