Civics Conferences at EWU

3rd Annual Student-Centered Civics Conference at EWU

Co-sponsored by the West Valley School District and Eastern Washington University: partners in civics-based education

On October 26, 2012, the Partnership for Civic Engagement will host its 3rd annual Civics Conference at the Cheney campus. Approximately 150 West Valley students (4th-12th grade), teachers, and staff will join EWU students and faculty in exploring this year's theme: "How Can I Be an Informed Voter to Support My Home, Community and School?"

Time: 8:30am-1:30pm | Location: Hargreaves Reading Room, EWU Cheney Campus

Students will be introduced to this year's topic by Washington State Supreme Court Justice Debra Stephens. Justice Stephens has demonstrated significant commitment to this effort by speaking at each event and following that with extensive one-on-one interactions with the students. 

Next, Dr. Terrance MacMullan and Dr. Kevin Decker, faculty at Eastern Washington University will provide the Keynote. Dr. MacMullan and Dr. Decker are contributors to 'The Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy' and will draw on this experience to "clear brush from the ranch of American life, making points about critical thinking in politics, the reliability of sources, and how people become biased. Don't miss their (seriously) funny presentation."

Following the speakers, students will divide out by age groups to engage in experiential learning by interacting with EWU faculty and students in topic-focused learning stations. Students will be asked to think about the question, "Where do we get information about political, civic, community and national issues?" and to jot down ideas for Team Time. This is a time for students to gather by school and discuss what they have learned and develop first steps towards a civics plan they will take back to their schools for the upcoming academic year. 

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