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Articulation Agreement Template

After you have met with the Transfer Center about creating a partnership, use this tool to assist with the first draft of the articulation agreement document. Use the Degree Articulation Process page as a reference for creating a partnership between EWU and Community Colleges.

  1. Title:
    a.  Identify Degree/Program to Degree/Program Transfer.
  2. Terms:
    a.  Define shared advising responsibilities.
    b.  List materials developed jointly.
    c.  Announce the start date for the agreement.
    d.  Disclose the location courses will be offered (Cheney, Riverpoint, online?).
  3. Maintenance
    a.  Write down the year and month that the first agreement maintenance will take place on. This will be exactly five years from the start date.
    b.  Indicate termination date of agreement.
  4. Provisos
    a.  Explain what is the deal that students are getting?
    b.  List the conditions for credit transfer.
       i.    Specify what associate's and bachelor's degrees will be awarded.
       ii.   Explain what requirements must be complete to be awarded both degrees.
       iii.  List what courses in the agreement will fulfill the requirements for the degrees.
    c.  State that a student will still need to apply to EWU in addition to the community college.
    d.  Mention degree requirements for the bachelor's degree that will remain after completing the associate's degree.
  5. Coursework at the Community College.
    a.  Create a table listing courses titles, codes, and credits at the Community College to complete the associate's degree specified.
  6. Coursework at Eastern Washington University.
    a.  Create a table listing courses titles, codes, and credits at Eastern Washington University to complete the bachelor's degree specified.
  7. Substitutions and Equivalencies
    a.  List side-by-side course codes from the Community College with EWU that will be treated as equivalent.
  8. Curriculum Plan
    a.  Outline a 4-year sample path to degree that will include credit totals per quarter and overall.
  9. Signatures Page

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