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Degree Articulation Process

Please use the following steps to create an EWU program's articulation agreement.

  1. Identify the community college partner and EWU program you want to articulate.
  2. Identify the community college contact (usually a department chair of the program).
  3. Meet with the EWU Transfer Center to draft an articulation agreement using the following template.
  4. With your contact, identify the courses that must be completed at the community college.
    – Pay special attention to equivalencies that can fulfill GECRs or graduation requirements.
  5. Create course equivalencies and substitutions between EWU major courses and prerequisites where appropriate.
  6. Identify the location courses will be offered (Cheney, Riverpoint, online?).
  7. Finalize an articulation agreement draft with the EWU Transfer Center.
  8. Finalize the articulation agreement collaboratively with the community college contact and the community college relations officer.
  9. Secure EWU department/program and school/college signatures. (The provost does not sign at this time, but will sign later as part of official approval).
  10. Initiate the community college's signature process with your contact. They will forward the signed document to the community college's relations officer who will seek final approval from their senior administration.
  11. EWU's Provost's office will then sign the original agreement and submit it to the EWU Transfer Center. The Transfer Center will distribute copies of the agreement to the community college President, the community college Relations Officer, and to your department.
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