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Presentation Information

Poster Presentation Information and Requirements:

  • Presenters must be available to discuss their work during the times allotted for the poster session.
  • Poster size must be no larger than 48" wide x 36" tall.  Note: Posters exceeding the specified dimensions may not be able to be displayed.
  • Posters should have all presenters, the department and mentor name(s) on them.
  • Posters may be printed in the MultiMedia Commons, located in the JFK Library, at no cost to students. 
  • Posters may be laminated in University Graphics, located in 303 Monroe Hall, at no cost to students. 
  • Students will be responsible for picking-up their posters from University Graphics or the Symposium Office and bringing it to their presentation session (please show up at least 15 minutes before the start of your session to set-up your poster).
  • Font and type size should be large enough to read from a 2' distance (a minimum of 16 point font size is required, 24 point font size is recommended.
  • Students needing to print posters early - before abstract submissions - must contact the Symposium Office, otherwise the student risks paying out of pocket for printing and laminating costs.
  • More information about the MultiMedia Commons can be found on their website.
  • More information about creating a poster presentation can be found here.

Oral Presentation Information and Requirements:

  • Oral presentations may not exceed 10 minutes, plus 5 minutes for audience questions.
  • As appropriate to their academic discipline, students may choose to read a paper, or present information using note cards or visual prompts.
  • Presenters may enhance their presentations using audio/visual media such as PowerPoint or other computer programs, slides or overheads.
  • Presenters are responsible for preparing their own slides and overheads under the direction of their faculty mentors.
  • THERE WILL BE NO PRELOADING OF PRESENTATIONS THIS YEAR. Presentations should be stored on a USB flash drive or other storage device and also saved in a backup location (for example, in a Netstorage account or Google Drive) online for easy access at the scheduled time of the presentation.

Additional Requirement Information:

  • Service Learning: Identify the connection between the project and the gained personal knowledge (understanding / beliefs / skills) and impact on the community. An abstract is required.
  • Literary Readings: Literary readings may be original poetry or prose, or readings and analyses of other authors work. The use of visual aids and/or printed copies is not required, but is permitted. A creative works description is required.
  • Performing / Visual Arts: Presentations of performing / visual arts may include creative activities in music, dance, theatre, drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, or video. A creative works description is required.
  • Music: Participants may perform up to 15 minutes in one of the following categories: original composition, composition in the style of a specific musical period / style / composer, arrangement, performance, lecture recital, or research and analysis. A piano will be made available upon request but all other instruments and/or equipment must be provided by the participants. A creative works description is required.
  • Film / Visual Communication Design: Films and visual communication design presentations may be music videos, short films, examples of website designs, or other pre-approved formats (please see your faculty mentor). A creative works description is required.
  • Theatre: Participants may present monologues or scenes (up to five actors). Performances may not exceed 15 minutes. A creative works description is required.

Additional Information:

  • The EWU Writers' Center can provide assistance during your writing process.
  • The MultiMedia Commons provides printing services, as well as other services such as creating posters and Power-Point or Prezi presentations, along with other multi-media needs. Be sure to check out the document containing helpful information for creating poster presentations here.
  • Additional information on abstract/project descriptions and poster guidelines can be found here.
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