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Sorority & Fraternity Life (SFL) Community Pillars:

  • Values Integration - Sororities and fraternities are values based organizations and are dedicated to helping all members live values based lives. Each organization focuses on character, integrity and ethical behavior. 
  • Sisterhood / Brotherhood - College is a place where lasting friendships are made; sororities/ fraternities are a place where brotherhood/sisterhood is built. This special bond focuses on individuality and appreciation of differences, not conformity. Membership in a sorority and fraternity organization will provide you with lifelong bonds that continue beyond your years at Eastern Washington University.
  • Leadership Development - Sorority and fraternity organizations are dedicated to building our future leaders. Sororities and fraternities are self-governing organizations that provide a wealth of leadership opportunities for their members. Our members are some of the most active and visible student leaders on campus.
  • Philanthropy & Community Service - One of the most gratifying aspects of fraternal life is the sense of pride that comes with involvement in philanthropic and community service events. Each year, fraternities and sororities contribute thousands of dollars and hours worked to various philanthropies and community service agencies.
  • Academic Excellence & Intellectual Development - Did you know statistics show that fraternity and sorority members have a higher rate of graduation than students who do not join? Did you know that academic excellence is a prerequisite to becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority? The SFL Community works to ensure that all members excel academically. Additionally, through partnering with campus departments, members are provided with many educational opportunities to develop outside of the classroom.

Sorority & Fraternity Life Creed

We, the Sorority & Fraternity Life community at Eastern Washington University, believe in upholding high principles through the development of personal leadership and moral character.

We believe, through involving ourselves in selfless service and placing emphasis on scholarship through academic excellence, men and women will be made better by being a part of our community.

We believe, through the maintenance of our high standards, we will set an example and gain the respect of our peers and community members.

We believe, through the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, we will create lifelong friendships of love, loyalty and honor.


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