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Satori Camp
220 Showalter
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.6267 - 800.999.8363
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2013 Class List

ZSAT 001 - 98: Satori Camper - Resident (22388)
Staying on campus for entire week.

ZSAT 001 - 99: Satori Camper - Non-Resident (22389)
Going home every night.

Classes 2013

8:10 - 10 a.m. 

ZSAT 011-18: The Satori Harold (CRN 22404)
In Print, spread the news! How would you like to be involved in one of Satori's most important lifelines? The eyes and ears of camp, otherwise known as this class, will be responsible for documenting events, highlights and thoughts throughout the week on paper! Be a part of creating the stories and producing web content that will ultimately capture how Satori 2013 will be remembered.
Course restrictions: Must be a returning Satori camper; high school students only.

ZSAT 011-11: Infectious and Emerging Diseases (CRN 22390)
The immune system of humans and other animals and its role in preventing and controlling disease will be described. Many important questions will be explored, such as: What are the consequences when this important system is compromised due to faulty inheritance or disease? What role does the immune system play in the rejection of transplanted tissue or organs? How does a disease develop? Other topics of discussion enable us to regulate the immune system and treat a number of different types of diseased, as well as current diagnostic procedures to evaluate the immune system for function and activity.

ZSAT 011-14: The World's Best Strategy Game (CRN 22393)
Go is a board game of territorial conquest and originated in China 2,700 years ago. The game is rich in strategy despite its few, relatively simple rules. In this class, we'll learn the rules, rudimentary tactics, and start on concepts of strategy. Stunningly beautiful as a game, Go is a perfect introduction to Asian conflict-theory, history, all while offering a ferocious intellectual challenge. We'll play games, get stronger, and learn about Go's past and future.

ZSAT 011-13: Picture This! (CRN 22392)
Digital photography offers a variety of imagery opportunities that are built on the traditions of photography. In addition to stand-alone cameras, cameras are being found in many devices. With this in mind, it is important to know how to maintain the quality of the images by having an understanding and control of the digital process and its possibilities. In this class, students will be able to learn art concepts through the elements of art and principles of design, improve and develop digital photography skills, compose and produce well-crafted digital images, demonstrate a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, and create projects that yield individual creativity and personal interpretation in a final portfolio.
There is a $15 lab fee associated with this course which must be paid at the time tuition is due. All students must bring their own digital camera - cell phones do NOT count.

ZSAT 011-15: What Happened the Day the Newspaper got a Facebook Account (CRN 22394)  
The media world has changed more than anyone could possibly imagine in the last 10 years. Gone are the days of ticking wire transmissions and typewriters. Facebook starts revolutions. Reporters are on Twitter. Videos go viral on YouTube. We will take a look at how news is generated and why you should care how you get it. In this class, we will also visit with some of the exciting careers a changing media world is offering.

ZSAT 011-17: Life is a Risky Business! (CRN 22400)  
Risk forms the basis of our law, military strategies, economy, and even the choice of when we choose to cross the street.  We calculate risk in every choice we make whether we know it or not.  We are judged by our successes and failures, but sometimes we obtained a successful outcome when we should have failed or vice versa, just because of risk.  We will explore how risk now plays such an important place in our lives, how we can assess it (both quality and quantity), how its assessment has changed society, and how we can harness it to make sure our outcomes are more success than failure.

ZSAT 011-16: Catch a Brain Wave (CRN 22395)
This class will be held in a psychophysiology laboratory that can be used to measure GSR (sweat gland activity in the palms), heart rate, vasodilatation and constriction of peripheral blood vessels (using a photo electric cell placed on a finger), brain waves, eye movements, and facial muscle activity during emotional responses. Students will be "hooked up" to the equipment and we will look at your own physiological activity.  We will also study lie detection (GSR), attraction (pupilar response), dreaming (rapid eye movement), stress (heart rate and vasomotor activity), and hypnosis (brain waves).

ZSAT 011-10: The Ideals of the Samurai (CRN 22387)
For nearly a thousand years, the warrior class in Japan ruled all levels of society. Appropriating the name "Samurai," these warriors dedicated their lives to the pursuit of perfection in all of their daily activities. Meaning "to serve," the samurai believed in their cause as a just one. In this class, we will examine the daily lives of the samurai and the culture that surrounded them. Bring your interest in mysticism as we study the banner system and philosophy the samurai lived under. From the moment they woke in the morning until they laid their heads down at night, and idea of bringing harmony to the world was their primary aim. As we dive into the codes and ideals of the samurai and how that impacted their lives, as a class we will find ways to incorporate how they lived into our own lives. A true lesson in satori (or sudden enlightenment) will be had by all!

ZSAT 011-12: Art As A Door To Understanding Reality (CRN 22391)
Is this the real-life or is this just fantasy? This class will explore how people from different historical eras viewed reality by looking at their most venerated works: Their art! We will discuss how the Ancient Greeks changed the way we see the world all the way through artists and cultures of today. Open your eyes, sign up for this class and see!

Midday Session
10:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.

ZSAT 011-27: The Secret Society of Linguists (CRN 22414)
Older than science, books and even math; language has been the hallmark of humanity. It binds us together and makes us a community. Campers will look at examples of a variety of languages, from Latin to Klingon and German to Elven, to learn the basic fundamentals of Linguistic Theory and to construct their own secret language.

ZSAT 011-20: Improvise! (CRN 22396)
Be spontaneous and take this class. Take this class and be spontaneous. Either way you come at it, we will learn how to create fun, silly, smart scenes from nothing. Improvisational acting improves your public speaking abilities, exercises your creativity, and problem-solving. Also, it's kinda fun.

ZSAT 011-22: Karate (CRN 22403)
Ichi! Ni! San! Shi! Students will learn basic karate techniques and judo throws taught in the authentic martial arts atmosphere. The concepts of dignity and respect will be emphasized along with a strengthening of the spirit, which allows the student to push back the limits of their physical prowess. This course is taught by a black-belt in Karate. You will learn the discipline and grace of the art of Karate! Ha-ya!

ZSAT 011-21: The Satori Film Challenge (CRN 22397)
In this class, campers will learn to express their ideas through film by tackling unique challenges daily. They will be divided into teams and work to push their creativity to new levels through writing, cinematography, and special effects. The campers will also have to complete their work nder a deadline, as every day's videos get uploaded onto the camp's website, making this truly the greatest Satori challenge ever!

ZSAT 011-23:  The Great Recession (CRN 22405)
Learn about the most significant on-going crisis since the 1930's Depression. Investigate the role of globalism, free market ideology, the history of "corporate welfare," income inequities, credit and debt, the housing mortgage crisis, "systemic risk" vs. "moral hazard," "jobless recovery," TARP, stock market indicators, currency/oil futures, and the emergence of the New Plutocracy. View the 2011 Oscar-winning documentary "Inside Job." A crash course for all aspiring capitalists and revolutionaries!

ZSAT 011-24: Charcoal: Not Just for the Barbeque (CRN 22406)
Calling all artists: This is the class for you! In this class, we will be drawing every which way we can! We will use many different mediums: from charcoal to oil pastels to chalk pastels. The class will use the techniques from many periods in art history and will leave the class with beautiful artwork to take home! We will also learn about values and draw everything from basic forms like three-dimensional cubes to still life. Even if the only thing you've ever drawn is a stick figure, this class is for you!
There is a $5 lab fee associated with this course which must be paid at the time tuition is due.

ZSAT 011-25: Pickup Makers (CRN 22407)
Sound gets big, but how? Find out what makes a vibration or a tiny wave into something audible! Playing with decibels is incredible. Turn feeling into volume by learning how pickups and amplifiers are made. Each student will create an instrument, a pickup, and amplify it!" No previous experience required. Interest in music preferred.There is a $15 lab fee associated with this course which must be paid at the time tuition is due.

ZSAT 011-28: The People Decide...Sort Of (CRN 22416)
Still trying to make up your mind on which class to take? Then take this one! The subject of how democracies make decisions - how they vote, for instance - has been of interest for thousands of years. So how do people decide, and is that even a sensible question? We'll study different methods of social choice, some of the strange paradoxes that arise, and talk about how people should decide and whether modern science can help us find an answer.  

ZSAT 011-26: Ethical Issues Facing Society (CRN 22408)
Should human cloning be allowed? Where should nuclear waste be stored? Should parents be able to choose the sex of their baby? Does the need for food and the farmland on which it grows outweigh the need to protect endangered species living in the streams which irrigate these crops? Decisions have to be made as technological and societal advancements lead us down roads no one has traveled before. Having an informed, open-minded populace is key to ensuring that our society makes the best decisions as we tread into these new areas. Be prepared to discuss very controversial topics in a safe, open atmosphere, and have your current paradigms regarding medical and environmental ethics challenged. 

Afternoon Session
1:10 - 3 p.m.

ZSAT 011-50: The Philosophy and Culture of Satori (CRN 22398)
Satori, by the Zen Buddhist definition, is a state of sudden spiritual enlightenment. In this class we will explore not only the meaning of Satori, but the culture that surrounds it. We will study both the Japanese language and the writings of the Japanese. Students in this class will even get to use Japanese calligraphy and make their own Kanji. Prepare to be enlightened!

ZSAT 011-51: Channeling Your Muse (CRN 22399)
Creative writing allows us to share our experiences of the world, communicate exciting thoughts in unique ways, and pose challenging questions to readers. We invent new people, new worlds, new rhythms of language. In this college-style workshop, we'll focus on each student's work individually as well as study the craft of writing. You'll learn to develop plot, build characters, and structure poetry in ways that successfully communicate what you want to say in your writing. Get ready for a friendly, supportive atmosphere that will let you experiment and stretch your creativity to the max! ‚ÄčIf you have written a short story or poem(s), please bring them along.

ZSAT 011-52: It's All in Your Head: Mental Health from Molecules to Mood (CRN 22409)
Problems such as depression, anxiety, and psychotic disorders often lack outwardly obvious physical symptoms, and so are often unnoticed by people who aren't directly affected by them. But mental illness is much more common than you might guess. Approximately one quarter of adults and ten percent of children in the U.S. suffer from some mental disorder at any time. In this class we will explore the meaning and treatment of mental illness: where is the line between "normal" and "abnormal" thinking? Where is the line between the "physical" and the "mental" brain? And if physical changes in the brain are the cause, does that necessarily make medication the best therapy? Join a licensed therapist and a biophysicist in surveying what is known--and what isn't--about the causes, prevention, clinical symptoms, and treatment of mental illness.

ZSAT 011-54 & 55: Ummm....Wanna Dance?! (CRN 22411 if you're a boy) (CRN 22412 if you're a girl)
Dancing with a partner is fun. There is no experience necessary to learn these dances: East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Salsa, Rhumba, Cha-cha, Waltz, Fox Trot, and Tango. Warning: Boys and girls will dance together. P.S. If you have taken this class before, you had better be practicing - whether you are taking this class or not.
* All participants MUST bring non-marking, close-toed SHOES (no sandals) or they will not be allowed to participate.

ZSAT 011-53: Stick it to Me (CRN 22410)
Fencing at Satori is formal instruction in movement and blade position. We will work from the perspective of balance and target to master the ebb and flow of combat. Similarly we will touch on the historical foundations of fencing and how it has changed through time. But, ultimately, it is the opportunity to play with swords... and so we take the time to learn the fundamentals in order to share the "joy" of edge and point with others. 

ZSAT 011-58: Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Satori! (CRN 22417)
Experience the extraordinary world of African and Latin hand percussion. You will learn techniques for playing several different instruments in the four major families of African/Latin percussion: bells, shakers, mallets, and drums. We will take these techniques and learn to layer together drum grooves based on Duple and Triple time signatures, explore techniques for developing solos, and perform for other campers. We will also experiment with Organic (found) percussion by scrounging, salvaging, and building our own percussion instruments from the world around us. Remembers, as a percussionist, the world is your instrument and the grooves are endless!

ZSAT 011-56: Your Coffee Cup is Talking to you - are you Listening? (CRN 22413)
Each day we are surrounded by manmade art and objects. Pencil holders are useful, posters are pleasing, and they both have volumes to say about our culture, history, and the very foundation of what it means to be human. In this class, learn to listen to the underlying language of art and design, and come to understand a little bit of what goes into making the world around us.  

ZSAT 011-57: Get this Party Started! (CRN 22415)
Have you ever wondered what it takes to DJ the Satori dance? The class will cover DJ theory. We will be focusing on audio equipment, digital technology, music types and styles, building set, playlists and learning how to lead interactive games. Learn how to jump from Lil Wayne to Frank Sinatra and from dubstep to hip-hop and back. If you're lucky, you may even get to help DJ Satori's dance! 

ZSAT 011-59: Ahlan wa Sahlan: An Introduction to Arabic Language and Culture (CRN 22418)
We often hear about the Arabic-speaking world on the news, but there's much more to Arabic culture than we see in newspapers and on TV. "Ahlan wa sahlan" is one of many Arabic expressions meaning "welcome." In this class, students will learn more about this challenging, complex and beautiful language as well as the cultures that use it. We'll work on learning the alphabet, pronunciation, and basic grammar and vocabulary of both formal and colloquial Arabic. Since no language can be fully understood without a cultural context, we'll also explore various aspects of Arabic-speaking Middle Eastern cultures through discussions, movies, music and even food!




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