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Committee Guidelines for Funding

EWU S&A Fee Committee Guidelines for Funding

S & A fees are for the purpose of supporting student activities and programs which include college co curricular or extracurricular activity participated in by students in the furtherance of their education.

Operating expenditures may be proposed as follows:

1.        Ordinary supplies, purchased services, personal service, or equipment necessary to conduct the student function, activity, or program.

2.       Compensation for students or other University employees only to the extent that the employees are engaged in activities, services or programs that directly involve or support currently enrolled EWU students such as student government, student activities, and student life.

3.       Necessary and reasonable fees, meals, lodging and transportation expenses for entertainers, lecturers, guest speakers and others who provide personal services on a contractual basis.

4.       Meals and lodging during group travel for currently enrolled EWU students participating in approved student functions, activities, or programs.  All travel must comport with established EWU travel policies and procedures.

5.       Trophies, plaques or medals, certificates of award or articles of personal property that are of nominal value ($ 50.00 or less) given to currently enrolled EWU students as recognition for participation, achievement, or excellence as a part of the functions of student organizations, activities, or programs.  Articles of clothing may not be purchased with S&A fees unless expressly stated otherwise by the S&AF committee at the time of allocation.

6.       Meals for reception or award ceremony attendees who are part of the program.

7.       Meals and refreshments at approved student programs as incidental thereof.

8.       Costs associated with child care centers for the children of students.

9.       Dues for institutional memberships in officially recognized student leadership, governmental or programming organizations.


S&A fees may not be used for the following purposes:

1.       The direct benefit of private individuals or groups.

2.       Contributions to a political candidate or cause in connection with any local, state, or federal election.

3.       Payment for complimentary tickets or admissions as a gift or for public relations purposes.

4.        Hospitality costs associated with programs for prospective students.


General Criteria for Evaluating Funding Requests:

The general criteria for evaluating funding requests and for determining level of funding are as follows:

1.       The degree to which the request supports an EWU student program or activity or provides a direct service that is of general interest and has broad appeal to currently enrolled EWU students;

2.       If previously funded, the track record and accountability for success;

3.       The likelihood of partial or full funding from another source or the probability that alternative funding (full or partial) is available from another source;

4.       The number and diversity of currently enrolled EWU students likely to benefit from the program, activity, or service in proportion to the level of proposed funding;

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