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Services and Activities Fee Committee

The purpose of  the Services and Activities Fee Committee is to develop an annual recommended budget that will be presented to the Board of Trustees of the University for approval.  The recommended budget details how funds collected through the the Services and Activities Fee should be spent.
If you are a student interested in serving on the Services and Activities Fee Committee please complete an application and submit via email to or mail Shauna Coleman, 129 Showalter Hall
Programs are invited to submit proposals for funding consideration at the beginning  of each year for the subsequent academic year.  Keep in mind that the use of the funds should be student services and programs that are for the benefit of current students.  For more detailed information see the guidelines for funding information. 
If your program would like to request funding please complete a questionnaire and spreadsheet and submit via email to or in hard copy form to Showalter 129.
It is a primary goal of the Committee to be transparent in this process.  As such all of our meetings are open to the campus community.
The schedule of meeting times will be posted as soon as available.


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