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Eastern operates on a quarter system

  • Fall quarter runs mid to late September and ends approximately the second week of December
  • Winter quarter usually begins the first week of January and ends the latter part of March
  • Spring quarter begins the end of March to the first week of April and continues through the second week of June
  • A summer session is held from the end of June to mid August; summer session is self-support for all course work

Course numbering system

Lower Division
  • 100-199 Primarily for freshman; may not be taken for graduate credit
  • 200-299 Primarily for sophomores; may not be taken for graduate credit
Upper Division
  • 300-399 Primarily for juniors and seniors
  • 400-499 Primarily for seniors; graduate students may count a limited number of credits
  • 500-699 Graduate level; undergraduates may enroll only with special permission from the Graduate Studies Office

GPA and earned hours

Earned Hours (EHRS) represent the number of quarter credits earned at Eastern and include any transfer credits awarded

Grade Point Average (GPA)The GPA is computed by dividing the total number of quality points (QPTS) by the total number of GPA hours. The hours for courses with blank grades or with grades of X, Y, P, NC and W are not included in the quality hours or quality points. However, X grades that are not completed in the time limit set by the instructor, are converted to a predetermined grade.  If the grade is numeric, it is then calculated into the GPA. Prior to fall quarter 1985, X grades were not automatically converted to a standard grade; grade change forms are needed to update X grades posted prior to fall quarter 1985.

Grade policy for repeated courses

If a course is repeated, the credit is awarded on the transcript for the last grade received. Transfer credit is not included in the Eastern Washington University GPA.

Eligibility for Dean's List

An undergraduate student who earns 12 earned GPA hours and receives a GPA of 3.5 or better is placed on the Dean's List for the quarter.

If the student has placed a directory restriction on their records the name will not be released for publication.
Grades at EWU

Current letter grade symbols

Grading system prior to 1977

Grade appeal policy

Calculating your GPA

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