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Grading Information

Instructor Grading Information

Grading and Grade Changes are processed in accordance with EWU Academic Policy 303-24.
During the academic year, grades must be submitted by 11 a.m. on the 2nd Tuesday after the last day of classes.  (See 'Dates and Deadlines' Quarter or Semester for specific online grading due dates.)

Courses not meeting the standard start and end dates for the term may be graded outside the standard grading cycle.  Faculty teaching these types of courses will be notified of the opening and closing of the grading cycle for the courses (with very few exceptions, these courses will close on a Tuesday by 11:00 a.m.). Faculty teaching courses outside the standard term start and end dates may also contact Records and Registration for the online grading schedule. In summer session, online grading will be available on the first Monday after the last day of instruction for the course.  Grading closes at 11 a.m. the Tuesday of the following week. Courses that still have pending grades will be reopened throughout the summer session until all grades are posted or until the full session course online grading closes.  

Numeric Grades
Eastern uses a numerical grading system, reporting grades by decimals to the nearest tenth.  The chart below illustrates Numeric Grade-Letter Grade Equivalents.

graphic of grade chart

  1. Grades may be recorded at 0.0, 0.7 - 4.0. (Note: 0.1 - 0.6 grades are not available and should be rounded to a 0.0 or 0.7 grade, whichever is most appropriate).
  2. Other letter grades that may be assigned are
    • X - Incomplete; temporary grade; special circumstances prevent the student from completing the course (not used when computing GPA)
    • Y - Deferred grade; for thesis, research, practicum and other activities requiring more than one term for completion; grade assigned at completion
    • P/NC - only for courses approved for Pass/No Credit grading
    • P/F - P or 0.0 - only for courses approved for Pass/Fail grading

Online Grading Problems You May Encounter

  1. Student name not on grade roster - Check with the student for name changes or to determine if the student may have registered in another section of the course, etc., or call the Records and Registration office for assistance at 359.6594.
  2. Student never attended - a numeric grade must be assigned for each student. Students must contact Records and Registration to appeal before they can be officially withdrawn. Leave no grades blank.
  3. Last date of attendance - must be listed for each student receiving a 0.0, X, or NC. This information is used to calculate refunds for financial aid.  If you have a course that has start/end dates that are outside of the regular term dates, you may need to adjust your last date of attendance to fit within the main term dates.  Also, the online grading system will not accept a last date of attendance that is not part of the dates that the course is offered.  Contact Records and Registration if you continue to receive error messages regarding the last date of attendance.

More information on online grading can be found on the EagleNET Faculty User's Guide.

Grade Changes Except for "X" and "Y," all grades are final and can be changed only in the case of university (instructor, clerical or administrative) error. Such corrections must be submitted by the instructor and approved by the department chair and college dean. Requests for grade corrections must be submitted to the Records and Registration Office within two term of the initial grade assignment (AP 303-24 2-1). Grade Change Forms are available from Records and Registration.

Grade changes may, at the discretion of the Dean, be submitted via fax or email, providing the following information is provided:

1. Student name and EWU ID
2. CRN (Course Reference Number), Course Title and Course Sequence Number and Section Number (example: 12746 ADST49101)
3. Number of credits

4. Term and year of the course (The term may be written out or term coding may be used. Example of term coding: fall quarter 2015 = 201540; winter semester 2016 = 201615)

    • Fall Semester = 35
    • Fall Quarter = 40
    • Winter Quarter = 10
    • Winter Semester = 15
    • Spring Quarter = 20
    • Spring Semester = 25
    • Summer Quarter = 30
    • Summer Semester = 35

5.   The current grade
6.   The new grade
7.   Reason for the change (see suggestions, below):

    • Administrative Clerical Error
    • Additional Work Completed
    • Attended wrong section
    • Entry Error
    • Instructor Error
    • Name Change
    • Resolution Academic Integrity
    • Student Request
    • Re-Calculated

8.   Instructor's printed name, department and the telephone number.
9.  Department Chair approval.
10.  Dean approval.

Incomplete Grades Incompletes may be assigned, at the discretion of the instructor, to students who cannot complete the required coursework due to circumstances that are beyond the student's control (e.g. severe illness, death of a family member, or military deployment) (AP 303-24 1-5):

  • For fall, winter and spring terms, the student must have been attending the class, receiving a passing grade, and completed all necessary work up until the last three weeks of the term, including the final exam period.
  • For summer session, the student must have been attending class, receiving a passing grade, and completed all necessary work through at least three-fourths of the course duration (e.g. three weeks of a four-week course, six weeks of an eight-week course, etc.)

When assigning an incomplete grade, you will need the last date of attendance, the date that the coursework needs to be completed (within one year), and the grade that should be assigned (e.g. conversion grade) if no additional coursework is submitted.  The default date used for incompletes is one year from the end of the course term; the default conversion grade is 0.0.

Course Grading Modes The following coding is used on courses and identify the type of grading that is allowed:

  • D ESL Non-Credit P/NC
  • E ESL Non-Credit Numeric
  • N Pass/Fail (Pass or 0.0)
  • P Pass/No Credit Student Option
  • Q Pass/No Credit Course
  • S Standard Numeric Grading
  • U Pre-University Basic Skills Numeric
  • V Pre-University Basic Skills P/NC Courses
  • Z No Credit/Non Graded
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