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Using SOAR (Student Online Academic Review)
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Disenrolling Students for Non-attendance

It is the student's responsibility to drop/withdraw from classes they do not wish to be enrolled in. However, students who miss one or more class sessions of an undergraduate course within the first five days of the term may be dropped from the course at the instructor's discretion.  Instructors must make any such drops by the end of the 6th day of the quarter.

To disenroll students for non-attendance you may
  • Complete the Disenrollment form
  • Clearly mark this information on a copy of your class roster, sign and deliver the roster to Records and Registration, Sutton Hall 201 or fax the roster to 509.359.6153 prior to the end of the 6th day of the quarter

Undergraduate Course Overload Procedure

  • 19-22 credits requires an advisor signature
  • Over 22 credits also requires the signature of the Director of General Undergraduate Advising (undeclared majors) or the student's department chair (declared majors)

Graduate Course Overload Procedure

  • Over 18 credits requires signatures from the student's advisor and the appropriate department chair or designee
  • Students receiving a graduate service appointment must also have the approval of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Research to enroll in overload credits

Overrides and Permits on EagleNET

To permit a student into your class, complete one of the following steps: 
  1. Sign the student's registration form in the add area and direct the student to the Records and Registration office to add the course to their schedule or,

  2. Place a permit on EagleNET or Banner Form SFASRPO . Have the student enroll through EagleNET once the permit is added. After the 3rd class day EagleNET is no longer available for adding classes.


  • Waitlists are established at the preference of the department. This is communicated to the Records and Registration office during the proofing process. The waitlist maximum on the course section can be increased or decreased from a default of 10 any time during the open registration period via departmental written notification to the Records and Registration office.

  • Once a waitlist is established, no additional students can be enrolled in the course even if openings are available until the entire waitlist is cleared. Existing students on the waitlist will be enrolled automatically when an opening occurs in the course section.

  • If a faculty wishes to give a student permission to enroll in a closed (full) course section that has a waitlist, the faculty should wait until the 4th day of the quarter to sign the registration form giving permission for the enrollment.  The waitlist will continue to run automatically through the end of the 3rd day of the quarter.  No students can be added through faculty signature until the end of the waitlist process (the end of the 3rd day of the quarter).


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