Financially Dependent of Parents

One or both of student's parents or court-appointed legal guardians must have physically resided in Washington State for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the first day of the quarter of application.

  • Student must be identified as a dependent on the parent's or court-appointed legal guardian's most recent federal income tax return. Note: If parents are separated, student can be claimed as a dependent by either parent, as long as student can prove compliance with the statement above.
  • Student - complete Section 1 & 2 - Parent or legal guardian complete Section 3. Submit the following documentation showing ties with Washington for a minimum of one year:
    • Parent's/guardian's most recent federal tax return identifying applicant as a dependent.
    • Parent's/guardian's rent receipts, lease agreement, letter from landlord, canceled rent checks or home purchase agreement verifying physical residence in Washington for 12 consecutive months prior to first day of the quarter of application.
    • Parent's/guardian's Washington state driver's license, Washington state vehicle registration, and Washington state voter registration card.
    • If parent is not a U.S. citizen but holds permanent or temporary resident immigration status, or Refugee status, attach a copy of both sides of your, and your parents, Resident Alien Card, Form I-94, Temporary Resident card or other verification of status with INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service).
    • Examples of other factors that may help parents/guardians establish proof of domicile include: location and duration of registration or payment of taxes or fees on any mobile home; travel trailer, boat, or any other item or personal property owned or used by the student; address and other perinent facts listed on a true and correct copy of federal and state income tax returns for the calendar year prior to the year in which application is made; residence status in all secondary and postsecondary schools attended outside the state of Washington; address listed on selective service registration; location of membership in professional, business, civic or other organizations; receipt of benefits under a public assistance program; state claimed as residence for obtaining eligibility to hold a public office or for judicial actions; state claimed as residence for obtaining hunting or fishing licenses; and state in which a custodial parent has a child attending public schools.
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