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Adding Classes

Use the new Schedule Planner  in EagleNET to plan your class schedule. 
  • Input times you don't want to take classes, select the classes you would like to take, and view all possible schedules for that term.
  • When using the Schedule Planner tool, you must still register through EagleNET. Schedule Planner does not register you for classes.
To register using EagleNET you must be either:
  • a student currently enrolled and attending classes this quarter
  • accepted for admission or re-admitted for the quarter you are planning to register. If you have applied for a previous quarter but not attended, your application is on file for one year. Before registering you must contact the Admissions office and change your start quarter
After the third business day of the quarter for adds and the sixth business day of the quarter for drops (except summer), all transactions must be done in person at the Records and Registration office or at Student Services, EWU Spokane in the Phase I Bldg, Room 101 using the In-Person Registration/Change form.

Please refer to Summer Session for information about registering for summer.
Late registration
  • Beginning the fourth business day of the quarter instructor's signature is required for each course you are adding.
  • A late registration fee will be charged for students not previously enrolled beginning the fourth business day of the quarter.
  • An add/drop fee will be assessed for each course added beginning the eleventh business day of the quarter.
Before you register
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss your academic plan.
  • If you have a hold that prevents registration, you won't be able to register using EagleNET. To check for holds, login to your EagleNET account, click on Student and Financial Aid, Student Records, View Holds to check for any holds.
  • If you are on academic probation or dismissal, you must consult your advisor prior to making any schedule changes.
  • If you have 90 or more earned credits, you will need to declare your major prior to using EagleNET to register. Contact your advisor for information on how to declare your major.
  • Registrations for special courses must be processed through the department offering the course. The department will submit a Special Course Approval form to the Records and Registration office. 
    • Internship (x95 or x97)
    • Practicum (x95 or x97)
    • Independent Study (x99)
    • Directed Study (x99)
    • Thesis (600)
    • Research Project (601)
Waitlists If a course is closed and has a waitlist option, you may choose to be placed on the waitlist for that course section. On EagleNET you will see a drop down menu item "Action" with a "Web Wait List" option if a class has available room on the waitlist.  Select this option to be added to the waitlist.

You may also request to be placed on a waitlist by visiting our office in person. To determine if a course has a waitlist available look up your course in the "Course Section Search" and find the column "WL ACT."  This column indicates how many waitlist seats a course has available.
Please be aware that being placed on the waitlist indicates that you would like a spot in that course. 
This does not guarantee you a spot in the course. You are responsible for officially dropping or withdrawing from any course that you have been waitlisted for or enrolled in and do not wish to take. 
You should not put yourself on the waitlist when you are enrolled in another section of the same course.  You also should not be waitlisted into more than one section of the same course.When a seat become available in a course you are waitlisted for, you will receive an email in your Eagles email account telling you that you will be registered for the course. If you have a hold on your record or registration into the course puts you in an overload status (over 18 quarter credits), we will not be able to register you.  Please contact our office immediately if you cannot confirm that you have been registered within 24 hours of receiving the email notification.  If you no longer wish to be enrolled in the course, you must drop yourself from the course on EagleNET or in person.  You are responsible for tuition and fees for all courses you are registered for.If you have received instructor permission on your registration form to add a course that has a waitlist, we will not be able to registrar you in the course until the fourth business day of the quarter. 

Click here for help putting yourself on a waitlist using EagleNET. Note: Waitlisted course credits are not included in your billing statement or for financial aid received. Time conflicts will not be checked for waitlisted courses.
Course Reference Numbers (CRN) Course reference numbers (CRNs) are assigned each quarter to a specific section of a course. The CRN is on each course listed in the course section search for each quarter on EagleNET. When using the CRN, be sure that you have the correct number for the appropriate course section, location and quarter.
Credit Overloads
  • Undergraduate students must have their general or departmental advisor authorization to register for more than 18 credits.
  • Undergraduate students wishing to enroll in more than 22 credits must also have the authorization of the Director of General Undergraduate Advising (undeclared majors) or their department chair (declared majors).
Repeats If you are repeating a course that you have previously taken at EWU and received a numeric grade, you may repeat it to improve your grade. When you register on EagleNET, select the repeat grade option for the course. If you officially withdrew 'W' or received an 'NC' (no credit), do not mark the course as repeat. Pre-university basic skill courses are not marked as repeats. These courses are not being counted in your GPA.  
You may also request a course be marked as a repeat by filling out and submitting the Course Repeat Form.

Please see the EWU Graduate and Undergraduate Catalog for the complete Repeat Policy for both graduate and undergraduate students.Courses previously taken may not be repeated under the following conditions:
  • Receiving a pass (P) grade with the pass/fail or pass/no credit option
  • Attempting to better your undergraduate grade point average after receiving your baccalaureate degree
Pass/No Credit Grade Option Undergraduate students may elect to take certain courses on a pass/no credit basis. The following may not be taken pass/no credit:
  • major and minor requirements
  • required major supporting courses
  • professional education requirements
  • General Education Core Requirements (GECRs)
When a course is taken under the pass/no credit option, a 'P' grade will be assigned if the student earns a numeric grade of 2.0 or better. If you have indicated the P/NC option on a course that is listed above, the P/NC option will be reversed and the numeric grade submitted by the instructor will be posted to the transcriptNote: 500 and 600 level courses may not be taken for the P/NC option. Grade option changes are accepted through Friday of the 7th week of the quarter.
Time Conflicts You will need an override code entered into the system to register for classes with time conflicts on EagleNET. For assistance, please contact your advisor or the Records and Registration office at 509.359.2321 or the Riverpoint Student Services office at 509.828.1395.
Variable Credit Courses Courses offered for variable credits can be accommodated through EagleNET. Follow the instructions for indicating the appropriate credits for the course. You may need to contact the department to arrange the number of credits.
Course Prerequisites and Corequisites Some courses require prerequisites or corequisites. These requirements will be checked on EagleNET and will indicate a message as you are attempting to register.
  • Corequisites will indicate that an additional course is required. You must register for both courses (e.g., a lecture section of a course that has a required lab).
  • Prerequisites will indicate that another course, class standing, test, or specific grade is required prior to enrollment in the course. If you are a transfer student, we must have received all of your official transcripts in order for you to receive credit for work completed.
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