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Preliminary Voting Results
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The Associated Student of Eastern Washington University will hold a special election Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015.

In 2014, in response to student feedback, ASEWU and university leaders developed a proposal to redesign the Pence Union Building (PUB) to make it more usable and responsive to the needs of today’s students. A vote was held in the spring – the proposal failed by 10 votes.

Immediately following the election, we heard that many students:

  • did not understand key facts.
  • did not have enough information to inform their vote.
  • were concerned that current students paid the same fee as students enrolled when the building would open.

So, with a renewed educational campaign and a new stepped fee model, EWU is holding another election to gauge students' support of a PUB redesign on Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015.


Eastern Washington University has hired Perkins+Will (P+W) to provide architectural/engineering pre-design services for the renovation and upgrade of the Pence Union Building (PUB). The goal of the pre-design is to establish a facility that will house programs which meets the expectations of EWU students as they relate to today’s modern student union building. P+W have the expertise to engage stakeholders and assist EWU in establishing the best balance of infrastructure and aesthetic improvements with appropriate building program elements.


If I support this project, am I taking resources away from other campus building projects?

  • Not at all. A "yes" vote for the PUB does not mean a "no" vote for the Science Building or other university/academic construction projects. Academic buildings are supported by completly different funding sources.

What will the redesigned PUB look like?

  • New renderings showing retail dining, student clubs and orgs space, and more can be found here.

Will there be new dining options in the redesigned PUB?

  • Yes! We are excited to offer a larger, student-friendly dining area with enough space to bring in national food retail chains. Tell us your preferences for any dining chains you'd like to have on campus.

How much will students have to pay for the redesign project?

  • There will be a stepped fee for current vs. future students
    • $65-69 per quarter starting in 2015
    • $80-85 per quarter starting in 2018


  • Improve dining options
  • Significantly increase student lounge and "hangout" spaces, especially for commuter students
  • Develop additional collaborative workspace for student clubs and organizations
  • Improve Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) and student event spaces
  • Create a campus information desk
  • Improve bus access and waiting area
  • Update building design to be open and light-filled
  • Address safety concerns
  • Make building more environmentally friendly and sustainable


Foster a vibrant and welcoming campus culture through an exceptional Student Union facility and associated programs, drawing on national best practices and focused on student development and success.


The Pence Union Building (PUB) was built in 1970. It was based on the architectural trends and prevailing union models of the time, with cast concrete and brick walls, small windows, and discrete, private areas to accommodate small groups of students. Food service was unavailable initially, with residential students eating in Tawanka. In 1995, an addition to the union nearly doubled the size adding more open space and making possible the addition of dining, as well as computer labs and more meeting space. The two phases were joined and the entrance reconfigured. However, no significant renovations were made to the original facility.

While the current PUB has the appropriate square footage to accommodate the EWU student population (based on national standards*), it has a number of design deficiencies that limit student use and enjoyment, and more than $10 million of repair issues (roof and mechanicals) that put the integrity of the facility at risk. Furthermore, the PUB is situated at the crossroads of significant pedestrian and vehicular traffic, with students traversing a busy parking lot, main street, and bus station in order to gain access to the academic core of campus and the union. This renovation seeks to address all these issues.

(*10 square feet per student.  At just over 100,000 square feet, the present Union is sized appropriately for the Cheney campus population, which is approximately 9,800.)


  • Update design to be fresh and open
  • Improve interior traffic flow and reduced wasted space
  • Enhance safety
  • Increase storage for students and tenants
  • Enhance revenue generating operations
  • Address infrastructure deficiencies, such as mechanical systems, roof, skylights
  • Create space conducive to integrating social and academic environments (meeting rooms, dining options, social spaces, lounges)
  • Create central information hub for students
  • Allow for highlight of key departments (as identified in focus groups)
  • Unify disparate services in one location
  • Improve energy utilization and sustainability
  • Increase social and recreational offerings for students (as identified in focus groups)
  • Improve pedestrian/vehicular traffic pattern, parking and bus access (exterior)


  • $35 million
  • Financing support by student fee
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