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Posting on Campus

All posters on the Cheney campus must be approved to post via the PUB Information Office.  (See EWU Policy 204-02)


  • Approved posters may only be placed on designated kiosks or bulletin boards.  
  • Posters may not be placed on wall surfaces, in bathrooms, inside elevators, or on elevator doors.
  • If you are posting about an event happening on campus, you must include an ADA Accessibility Statement (see below). If you are posting about an off-campus event, you are not required to post the ADA statement, however you are still encouraged to do so.
    1. Posters must be removed the day following the event.
    2. No posters will be approved for commericial solicitations, advertising, or promotional activities except when the activities clearly serve educational objectives (see WAC 172-139-010).

    Approval Process

    • Option #1: Submit a digital version to  Upon a successful review, a digital stamp will be placed on the poster and it will be returned to you.  (please note: posters are reviewed during business hours M-F).
    • Option #2: Bring a hard copy to the PUB Information Office (currently in SHW 300).  

    Please Note

    • All buildings require an approval stamp from the PUB Information Office (including residence halls).  
    • Buildings have unique places to post.  Check with individual building managers to determine best places to hang your poster.
    • PUB specific posting policies will be communicated when the PUB re-opens in Fall 2018.

    ADA Statement

    • "People needing accommodation should contact [insert name of individual or office coordinating event] at [insert telephone number or email address] by [insert deadline––typically 5-7 days prior to scheduled event]."
    • It is recommended that the font size of the ADA statement on the published document be at least twelve (12) point.

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