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Posters & Flyers

Posters and flyers are a great way to inform the campus community of upcoming events.  All Posters and Flyers must be approved for posting at PUB 212. Posters and flyers may be posted only at authorized locations and as space allows.  All flyers posted in the PUB will be posted and removed by PUB Administration staff.

PUB Posting Policy

Flyer Etiquette for flyers posted in other campus buildings:

  1. All posters MUST be brought in to the PUB Information (Formerly the PUB Administration) Office to be approved.
  2. If you are posting about an event happening ON campus, you must include the ADA Statement. If you are posting about an OFF campus event, you are not required to post the ADA. However we still encourage you to do so.
  3. Once your poster is complete and stamped in PUB 212 whoever is working in the office will keep 4 copies to hang on boards in the PUB. PUB Information will also take them down from the PUB boards when they expire. ALL other posters must be hung around by the individual/group, and taken down by the individual/group when they expire. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAKE THEM DOWN.
  4. When posting on boards around campus, it is important to remember not to take down or cover up another group's poster. Please try to keep posters from hanging over the boarder of the bulletin board.
  5. Acceptable Poster size is anything up to 8.5x11, or legal size.  For hanging in the PUB if your poster is larger than the previous stated sizes there is no guarantee that your poster will be posted, because of limited space.
  6. Lastly, do not duplicate posters. We will only hang one poster per event, due to the large amount of posters that come in.
  7. Don't forget to include the ADA statement..... [insert your department name and contact phone/email].

Thank you for your interest in posting in the PUB and around campus! If there are ever any questions about posting please contact PUB Information (PUB 212) at 509-359-7921, or at

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