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In 2015, in response to years of student feedback, ASEWU student government and EWU leaders approved a plan to redesign the Pence Union Building to make it more usable and responsive to the needs of today's students. 

Financed through student fees, the PUB redesign is an approx. $40M project.  It uses the existing footprint of the building (~120,000 square feet), focusing the renovation on the areas of highest need and maximum student benefit.

Having successfully completed the first year of pre-design, the university is currently in the second year of the three-year renovation project, with construction slated to begin fall 2016.  The project will entail a phased construction timeline, in which parts of the building will remain open during construction to ensure as much access to student resources as possible.

The building's full, grand reopening is slated for fall 2018.

Key Project Goals

  • To create an open and inviting student center that will define the sense of campus community and become a true hub for student life
  • Develop a space that fosters student engagement, retention, and success
    • Increase student lounge, study, and collaboration space
    • Increase and improve space for student leadership, clubs, and organizations
    • Increase and enhance space for large student events
    • Increase and improve student dining space and options, including retail dining choices
  • Transform the PUB into an environmentally-friendly building (with more daylight) and highly visible indoor/outdoor student activity
  • Address deferred maintenance issues and safety needs
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