NWCCU Accreditation


Welcome to the Eastern Washington University Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) Accreditation website. Eastern Washington University receives regional accreditation through the NWCCU. In order to maintain accreditation, the university is required to undergo a self-study process and host a site visit by an accreditation team. The last site visit for Eastern Washington University was in the spring of 2006.

The accreditation process is an opportunity for the university community to reflect upon its strengths and weaknesses. Further, the process offers a historical perspective of the university with insights into what the university has accomplished as well as future directions to consider. A steering committee chaired by Ron Dalla, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Research, leads the accreditation process.

The NWCCU is in the process of adopting a revised set of Accreditation Standards and a septennial accreditation schedule, revised from a decennial accreditation schedule. Eastern Washington University's first site visit under the revised standards and schedule will take place April 25-27, 2012. As preparations take place for this visit, all of you are invited participate in the process as opportunities for participation are provided.

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