Weapons on Campus

Weapons are not allowed on campus per WAC 172-122-120. Weapons as defined within RCW Chapter 9.41 that are legal to posses are required to be registered and stored with the University Police. Weapons will be checked against the appropriate authority's databases for the weapons and owner's status. (Sections RCW 9.41.010, 9.41.040, 9.41.300, 9.41.250 and 9.41.280.)

EWU residents may store two weapons at the Red Barn. Weapons brought into the Red Barn are to be unloaded, the weapon will be checked prior to acceptance. You may transport your weapon(s) in your vehicle to and from the Red Barn and your destination. Weapons must be secured in the trunk of your vehicle unloaded with the ammunition stored in a separate location; University Police does not accept ammunition for storage.

Concealed weapons are not to be carried on University property. Concealed weapons permit holders will notify University Police for instructions and information about the temporary weapons storage. For further information, on the possession and storage of dangerous weapons, contact EWU Police Department at the Red Barn or call 509-359-6300 option #3 on the automated menu.
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