Reporting a Crime

If you are the victim of a crime on campus, report it immediately. Call 911 or EWU Police at 509.535.9233 or 509.359.6300 by taking Option #1 of the automated menu. Identify yourself as the victim of a crime, the dispatcher will then take all of the information and will be able to help you. Remember, a crime that is not reported helps no one, not you or the next victim.

If you see a crime in progress, remain calm. Locate the nearest telephone and call 911 or EWU Police at 509.535.9233 or 509.359.6300 by taking option #1 of the automated menu. Identifying yourself as a witness to a crime, describe what you saw, where, and when. Remember, details are very important. This includes the exact location, descriptions of the clothing worn by the suspect(s) and their direction of travel. Be as accurate as possible. Your information may assist the police in making an arrest or aiding with the saving of a life and the recovery of property. You may remain anonymous when reporting a crime if you so choose.

If you know about a crime and you want to report it to the University Police, and wish to remain anonymous, we provide an Anonymous TIP LINE telephone number is:  509.359.4286. 





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