Access to a Safety Escort

The program's intent is to get students, faculty and/or staff safely to their destinations on campus or within a close proximity of the campus during the hours of darkness. To receive this service, call police dispatch at: 509.535.9233. The dispatcher will check with the shift supervisor to see if there is a student patrol person or police officer available for the escort. If there is, the caller will receive instructions as to where and when to meet the escort person, who will accompany them to their destination.

Before calling for an Police Escort, please seek assistance from a friend, roommate or colleague. This escort service is limited to the availability of student patrols or police officers. It is best to pre-plan your departure after dark. Avoid secluded areas, call home or your destination to let someone know you are leaving and the route you are taking, and always try to walk in groups or pairs.

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