Turn In or Recovery of Lost and Found Items

Turn In or Recovery of Lost and Found Items

Any finder of property who fails to discharge the duties imposed under RCW 63.21.040 shall forfeit all right to the property and shall be liable for the full value of the property to its owner.

a. Lost and Found Office: Any person who finds property on university grounds should bring the property to a designated Lost and Found Office.

b. University Police: The University Police Department (UPD) does not normally accept found
property unless the property is valuable or sensitive, including:

Valuables: cash or items valued at $25 or more; and items of obvious value, e.g. jewelry. Weapons. Illegal items or items that are commonly used for illegal activities a person who finds valuable or sensitive property may turn in the property to either a Lost and Found Office or to the University Police Department.

c. Claim of Found Property by Finder: A person who finds property and who wishes to claim the property must follow the provisions of chapter 3 of this policy.

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