More than one person may be involved and several incidents may occur simultaneously,

report any suspicious person or activity by calling 911.


Possible suicide bomber indicators - A.L.E.R.T:


Alone and nervous.

Loose and/or bulky clothing, may not fit weather conditions.

Exposed wires, possibly through a sleeve.

Rigid mid section: Explosive device or may be carrying a rifle.

Tightened hands: May hold detonation device.

If an explosion is seen or heard, follow the guidelines listed under Bomb/Explosion.

Be aware of the possibility of a second explosion.


Unusual odors or visible cloud, especially in an enclosed area:


Evacuate the area immediately.

Call 911.

If there is any physical reaction, such as tearing, coughing, difficulty breathing or sudden nausea, get outside to fresh air and seek medical help.

Do not attempt to rescue persons who collapse or become unconscious.

If you discover any suspicious device, package, envelope, container, backpack or other object:


Do not approach or touch the object. Note the description and the exact location of the object and report this as accurately as possible.

Evacuate the immediate area and do not allow others to enter.

Call 911.

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