University Police

Timely Warning 4/16/14 

Tyler J. Howells

Tyler Howells has been served a Trespass Notice for all EWU property and buildings. Howells is a known drug user and has been arrested on several occasions for assaults. Most recently, arrested for Trespass and Assault on campus, in the PUB. Howells is a 22 year old white male, 5'-11", 210 lbs., brown eyes, black hair. He has been using crutches and wearing a soft cast on his right foot for the past two weeks. If observed on campus, call Cheney Dispatch immediately at 535-9233 or 911 if an emergency and report Howells' location.

 Tyler J Howells




Mission: The Eastern Washington University Police Department shall serve the public by providing assistance, coordination, and the delivery of law enforcement and support services for the safety and protection of life and property.

Values: The Eastern Washington University Police has been entrusted with the duties and responsibilities to assist, protect, preserve, and defend the social order of the university community. This public trust mandates that all members exemplify the highest standard of conduct while on and off duty.

Goals: To serve the university community, by protecting life and property. To ensure all persons are treated fairly with respect, while preserving State and Federal laws. To encourage unity and the tolerance of cultural and racial diversity for all members of the university community.


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