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Bulk Mail

Bulk mail is called "Non-profit Standard Mail (A)" by the US Postal Service (USPS). Non-profit mail may not contain any advertising or mention of a promotion for travel, insurance, or credit cards. There are other criteria too lengthy to be covered here. Please contact Mail Services at 359-7993 for further instruction.

A bulk mailing requires a minimum of 200 identical pieces to qualify for bulk rates. Identical means the only difference in pieces is the address. A permit imprint showing that postage has been paid must be printed or imprinted by a meter on each piece. It is preferred that the indicia be included on the mail piece during the printing process. Indicia is the box or block indicating the postage has been paid.

Mail Service maintains a permit with the USPS to send non-profit bulk mail. This permit is available for use by all University departments. Mail Service delivers mail to the Post Office and maintains an account to pay the postage due for such mail. Do not deliver your permit mail to the Post Office, it must go through Mail Service and have the proper forms signed and submitted. Be sure to include a budget number including your mail code with the mailing.

Colored stock...or ink...Don't use paper or ink colors that are fluorescent. Light colored type on dark stock doesn't work well either. The Post Office needs to be able to see the print of the address and the indicia.

When mail is undeliverable as addressed (UAA), the postal Service needs directions on how to treat that mail. These directions are called endorsements. With no endorsement UAA bulk mail is recycled as waste. "Address Service Requested" endorsement offers forwarding and return service with the new address provided or the reason for non-delivery. The mail is forwarded at no charge for 12 months after the addressee moves. An address correction fee of 60 cents is charged to the mailer. Months 13 -18 the mail is returned with the UAA reason attached and a fee of 2.472 times the cost of mailing is charged. After 18 months the UAA piece is returned with the reason attached and the fee of 2.472 times the cost of mailing is charged. "Change Service Requested" endorsement offers notice of new address or reason for nondelivery for monthes 1-18. Mail piece is disposed of as waste. An address correction fee of 60 cents is charged to the mailer.

An endorsement must be printed no smaller than 8 point type and it must stand out clearly against its background. There must be 1/4-inch clear space around (above, below, and both sides) the endorsement. The endorsement must be printed below the return address.

A ZIP code is required on all addresses. All pieces must be sorted in ascending ZIP code order. Mark boxes or trays indicating the order, e.g. 1/5, 2/5, etc. if you have 5 boxes of mail.

Only pieces sent to a US address may be part of a bulk mailing. International mail does not qualify as bulk mail.

Size standards: Post Card and letter minimum are 3 1/2" by 5" and maximum 6 1/8" by 11 1/2", at least .007 " thick. Both post cards and letters must be rectangular with an aspect ratio (length divided by height) between 1 to 1.3 and 1 to 2.5 to qualify for letter rates. Items smaller than the minimums are not mailable. Items larger than the maximums are called flats and cost more to mail. The weight limit on a non-profit letter is 3.3 ounces (0.2063 lbs.), Pieces over these weight limits are mailable at the higher rate for flats.

Don't use staples to close a piece of mail. Staples catch on machinery and cut hands. Tabs made of paper or light plastic are acceptable if properly placed. Mail Service has equipment to affix tabs that conform to postal standards.

You can save dramatically on postage costs by designing your mail so it is "automation compatible" and by having your addresses barcoded and certified. Call us for information about designing your mail or having your addresses "certified" and barcoded. 359-7993

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