Joanna Joyner-Matos

Eastern Since:
2008 in Biology Department
Undergraduate Degree:
University of Utah, 2000 Honors, Biology
Graduate Degree(s):
Washington State University, 2002, M.S. Zoology
University of Florida, 2007, Ph.D. Zoology
Post Doctoral Work:
University of Florida, 2007-2008, Evolutionary Genetics
Courses Taught:
Biological Investigation, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Physiology Capstone, Biology of Aging, Biology of Symbiosis, Current Topics in Physiology, Animal Physiological Ecology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Comparative Animal Physiology


Research Areas:
My research interests are in comparative physiology, with the overall goal of understanding how the ecology and evolution of species are shaped by cellular-level processes. Information about current and future research projects is provided on my Research page.

I am actively recruiting undergraduate and graduate students to participate in on-going research and design independent projects.  Please contact me if you are interested in participating in lab-based or field research.

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