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Information Technology Division
202 Huston Hall
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.2247
fax: 509.359.6847

About IT

Information Technology Division

Led by Gary Pratt, the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Information Technology Division (IT) provides comprehensive, campus-wide IT leadership, implementation, maintenance, and support provided through three units (Information Systems, Customer Support Systems, and Academic Systems) with centralized support provided through the CIO’s office. This structure affords Eastern Washington University with a comprehensive IT strategy for implementation and support that provides a cost-effective, efficient IT infrastructure aligning with the institution’s mission, vision, and goals:

Organization Chart

IT Organizational Structure

Convergence of EWU Mission and Information Technology Vision

The mission of Eastern Washington University is "to prepare broadly educated, technologically proficient, and highly productive citizens to attain meaningful careers, to enjoy enriched lives, and to make contributions to a culturally diverse society."

Eastern's Strategic Business Plan and Academic Strategic Plan share the following three goals:

Goal I:

A rigorous and engaged student learning experience

Goal II:

An academic community culture that supports and engages faculty and staff throughout their careers

Goal III:

An institution-wide commitment to community engagements that benefit the university, the region, and the world

  • Effective use of technology is a key component of all three.
  • Technological proficiency is a stated goal for the education of our students as we prepare them for the highly technological world in which they will live and work
  • Faculty members are encouraged to use instructional technology to create a dynamic learning environment for students
  • Staff members depend upon information technologies to perform administrative work and to offer services to students on campus and at a distance
  • Planners expect efficiencies and some types of cost savings as well as improved services and teaching to result from investments in technology

Late in 2006, Eastern Washington University (EWU) made a strategic decision to reorganize the information organization, separating the Dean of Libraries and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) responsibilities. During the intervening months, the institution took part in a national search for a new CIO. Dr. Gary L. Pratt, started with the university August 1, 2007 and reports to the President of the university.

During the 2008/2009 year, the university information technology organization completed a comprehensive review and strategic planning process. The intent of this process was to create an effective and efficient information technology organization aligned with the Eastern Washington University vision, mission, and strategic direction. The result was the 2008 - 2011 Institution Information Technology Strategic Plan at The Eastern Washington University Board of Trustees approved this plan in February 2009.

In support of the university's mission and vision, early in the 2008/2009 year, the Information Technology Division began implementation of this plan. In the plan, multiple strategies and actions outline how the Information Technology Division will achieve the following goals:

Goal 1: Provide an Effective, Efficient, and Flexible Information Technology Organization

The Information Technology Division will become a comprehensive, collaborative leader for innovation, implementation, maintenance, and support of information technology systems across the institution.

Goal 2: Provide a Robust Technology Infrastructure

The Information Technology Division will develop and maintain a robust infrastructure that will ensure the security, availability, and integrity of the institution's information technology systems and networks.

Goal 3: Provide Professional Customer Service and Support

The Information Technology Division will develop a highly-effective, comprehensive, professional customer support structure.

Goal 4: Provide Leadership in Developing and Maintaining a Strong Institutional Data and Reporting Environment

The Information Technology Division will work with institutional leaders in developing a secure and available system for creation, collection, recording, maintenance, and reporting of institutional data.

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