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Student Staff

Welcome to the Student Staff Recruitment website. Here you can find all the information you need on how to become a Community Advisor, Peer Academic Coach or an Office Worker. Please read through this website for more information on these roles and how to apply.

Apply to be a Community Advisor

Step One:  Read the Position Description

For an in-depth look at the requirements to become a Community Advisor, you can review the Community Advisor Position Description

Step Two:  Prepare your Short Answer Questions

Part of your application to be a Community Advisor is responding to several short answer questions. Please prepare your answers to these questions ahead of time. When you start your application you can copy and paste your answers into the application. You should make sure you are fully answering the questions and that they are no longer than 350 words in length. The questions are:

1. What does student centered mean to you?

2. What do you plan on being involved in and how do you plan to balance the CA position with those responsibilities?

3. What are some challenges in creating an inclusive environment that fully embraces all social identities and how would you overcome those challenges?

4. Please describe a team you have been a part of in the past where the team succeeded and had strong positive relationships. What role did you play on the team?

5. This job gives you the opportunity to learn about new things. What are you looking forward to learning in this student leadership position?

Step Three: Begin your Application

Once you have finished preparing your short answer questions, you can begin your application.

Timeline of Events

All Community Advisor applicants should follow this timeline:

Attend the PSYC 297 class

February 10, 2017
Applications for the Community Advisor position available

March 10, 2017 - 5:00pm
Deadline to Apply for the Community Advisor position

Early April
Community Advisor Interviews

Late April
Community Advisor job offers made

2017-18 Office Worker Recruitment


Please contact Alex Matiash, Chair of Student Staff Recruitment, with questions regarding the application process at

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