Laundry Services

Laundry is a fact of life - particularly if you want to keep your room smelling fresh and your floormates from giving you grief.  Laundry machines in all halls - except Dressler and Brewster - are located on each floor.  Dressler and Brewster have one large laundry room on the ground floor.  A pre-loaded laundry card activates the machines.  A new 44-load (22 wash/22 dry) card is issued to you at the beginning of each quarter.  If needed, extra 16-load (8 wash/8 dry) laundry cards can be purchased each quarter at the Housing and Residential Life office in 121 Tawanka.

Sign Up Bonus (SUB) Recipients

Each quarter, those who qualified for the Sign Up Bonuses (SUBs) will see the cost of the laundry card reversed on their student account.  SUB recipients also have the option of picking up - free of charge - the second 16-load card mentioned above.  This second card should only be claimed after your 44-load card runs out and you will exchange your 44-load card for the 16-load card.

LaundryAlert System

LaundryAlert in Dressler Hall and snyamncut.

Residents can enjoy the convenience of checking for available laundry machines from your computer or smart phone!
Laundry Alert allows you the ability to 'visit' your laundry room without even leaving your room! Your laundry room is now online so that you can see which machines are available or in use.
Receive a text or email notification telling you when machines are available or your laundry is done! Just hover over the Let Me Know button and click on Email/Text link. Also, report non-working machines via a handy Service Request link.

Dressler Hall and snyamncut: Click here to see your laundry room!

Laundry Basket Laundry Tips

  • Do NOT use 3-in-1 detergents, as it clogs the water outlet strainers.
  • Use "HE" (high efficiency) liquid soap. Powdered soap is not recommended.
  • 1/4 cup of soap is sufficient for a load of clothes. Excessive soap causes over-sudsing, and can cause machine to shut down before completion of cycle.
  • Avoid overloading the machine. If you have to push clothes down to be below the rim of the tub, that would be considered overloading.
  • Please remove your laundry promptly after each wash and dry cycle, so that others may use the machines.
  • Double check your pockets. Items like ink pens do not do well in laundry equipment. Small items may clog drain and/or pump.
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