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Start By Believing

There is no shame when a loved one dies. When your car is stolen. When you're diagnosed with cancer. Friends and loved ones gather around you for support. They don't blame you for "bringing it on yourself. It should be the same with sexual violence. Rape and sexual violence are just as unpredictable and devastating. All too often, victims who have the courage to tell someone are blamed for bringing it on themselves.

Make our community safer.

Start By Believing is a public awareness campaign uniquely focused on public reponse to sexual assault. We want our Eagle community to feel supported when they report a sexual assault. Start By Believing will lead the way toward creating a positive communtiy response. The goal is to inform the public, unite allies, and supporters, and improve our reaction; changing our community one response at a time.

Schedule a presentation today!

Start By Believing presentations are available for students, staff, anf faculty. Please contact us to schedule a presentation for your club, organization, classroom, staff meeting or team. Improving your reaction will benefit our students both directly and indirectly, increasing the likelihood that they will reach out for resources and support.

Presentations are approximately 40 minutes and can be scheduled by contacting: Health, Wellness, and Prevention Services, 509.359.4279 or


To find out more about sexual assault resources on and off campus, please click here.

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