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Just for Parents

Parents and Families:

We would like to welcome you to the Eastern Washington University family!  We encourage and welcome the involvement of parents and family members into the lives of our college students.

Did you know that the top 5 medical impediments to academic performance are:

  • stress,
  • sleep difficulties,
  • anxiety,
  • cold/flu/sore throat and
  • depression

Parents -- research has told us that you are one of the most believable and credible sources of information for your student!  Therefore, your work is not done yet.

Because most students experience rapid personal and social growth during their college years, we encourage you to stay involved, stay connected, and support your student through this exciting time of growth.  The conversations you may have had about alcohol, tobacco, physical intimacy, and academic performance continue to be important.  Students need your support and guidance, and we are here to help.

Please browse through the information below and contained in this web site.  Help your student stay safe and healthy so that they can succeed to their highest potential while also having one of the best times of their lives.

Parent Talk Newsletters:

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