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Mental Health

If suffering from one or more of these symptoms you may be dealing with one or more of the following mental disorders including, but not limited to: mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and/ or substance-related disorders

Common Symptoms of Mental Health issues

Behavioral Symptoms

·      Disruption of daily activities

·      Social Withdrawal

·      Irresponsibility, lying

·      Legal issues, fighting, difficulty with authority

·      Decrement in academic performance

·      Substance use

Cognitive Symptoms

·      Suicidal thoughts

·      Poor concentration

·      Confusion/ difficulty making decisions

·      Obsessive thoughts

·      All-or-nothing thinking

·      Negative self-talk

Emotional/ Psychological Symptoms

·      Feeling out of control

·      Mood swings

·      Excessive worry/fear

·      Agitation/ irritability

·      Low self-esteem

·      Lack of motivation

Physical/ Medical Symptoms

·      Sleep difficulty

·      Change in appetite and/or weight

·      Shaking, trembling

·      Fatigue, tiredness, weakness

·      Gastrointestinal complaints, headaches

·      Overuse injuries

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