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Health Topics

Covers topics dealing with Sexual Health, Relationships, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Healthy Choices

Sexual Health and Relationships

Dating and Relationships

Information and tips on how to identify and create Healthy relationships

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Advice and Information regarding Safe Sex and other sex-related topics.

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Information on STD's.

Substance Use and Abuse

Advice and Information regarding Alcohol consumption and abuse.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Party Central

Advice and information regarding tailgating, partying, responsible drinking and alternatives to drinking

Lower Your Risk

Advice and information on lowering your risk of alcohol related consequences

Alcohol Poisoning

Information about alcohol poisoning, BAC levels, binge drinking, personal consequences, alcohol and sex

Drug Facts

Provides facts and information regarding various types of drugs

Negative Consequences

Information about the various negative consequences of drinking, including:legal, academic and personal consequences

On-line Resources

Provides you with online resources

Mental Health

Suicide Prevention

Stress & Anxiety


Healthy Choices



Information about the importance of sleep, healthy sleep habits and the impact of sleep deprivation

Physical Activity

General information on physical activity recommendations

Body Image

Information and advice regarding positive and negative body image


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