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Washington Prescription Drug Discount Program

What is it?

  • WPDP is a new prescription drug discount program created by the legislature at the request of Governor Gregoire
  • It is similar to a grocery store club card where discounts are taken off at the point of sale

Washington Prescription Drug Program

WPDP Discount Card Free for all Washington Residents!

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Who is eligible to join WPDP?

  • Washington State residents
  • No age or income restrictions
  • Each person must enroll individually

Who can benefit from the WPDP discount card?

  • Washington State residents
  • People who have a high-deductible health plan such as a Health Savings Account (HSA) may be able to use the WPDP discount card when paying down the deductible (check with your HSA plan for details)
  • People who have no insurance coverage
  • People who have medical coverage but no prescription drug benefit
  • People who have prescription drug coverage through their employer, but it does not cover the drug they need

How much does it cost?

  • The WPDP is FREE
  • No annual fee and no hidden costs

How do I enroll in the program?

  • There are 3 ways to enroll in the program:
    1. Online at
    2. Call toll-free number of 1-800-913-4146
    3. Mail in a postage-paid, self-addressed enrollment form
  • WPDP enrollment forms come in eight different languages including: Chinese, English, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese

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