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Optional Student Medical Insurance (This does not affect Student Health Clinic Services included under your Comprehensive Health Fee)

Eastern Washington University is offering an optional student medical insurance beginning Fall 2017.

Students taking 10 credits or more are eligible to purchase this plan.

  • 80/20 when used in network.
    •  Deductible will be waived and benefits will be paid at 100% for covered medical expenses (exclusions and limitations may apply) incurred when treatment is provided at Rockwood Clinics of Spokane.
  • Tiered prescription coverage
  • Prevention services covered at 100%
  • No Vision - No Dental
  • Insured students who are enrolled in the optional insurance may also enroll their spouses and/or dependents.

Purchase annually for $2,277.82

Alternate ways to purchase
Fall Quarter - $686.18

Winter Quarter -$524.73

Spring Quarter-$493.09

Spring/Summer Quarter-$1,066.91

Summer Quarter-$573.82

Arriving on campus early?
Early arrival-$168.00

Cannot purchase until August 2017

Above rates tentative

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