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Health Services

At Eastern Washington University, our students well-being is of our utmost importance.  Staying healthy can sometimes be a challenge for busy college students.  It is known that stress is the number one health factor impacting a student's academic success. Knowing stress will likely be something every student will deal with, here are a few tips to remember :

  • Sleep, healthy eating and physcial activity is important for managing stress in college.  Knowing and applying sound health habits positively impacts mental and physical health and our ability to ward off illness.
  • Time management, including finanical planning, will help reduce stress with planning classes, studying time, work time, etc.
  • Scheduling time to de-stress and relax can actually help with productivity and make your college experience more enjoyable.

The Health, Wellness and Prevention Services office is here to help students achieve academic success through healthy living while at college. The Comprehensive Health and Wellness Program is an all inclusive approach to physcial and psychological well-being for Eastern students.  Any student taking six or more credits will participate in this program and it brings together health and wellness education, student health clinic serivces, and counseling and psychological services. 

Students will have access to basic level of ambulatory health clinic services at any Rockwood locations in Spokane County that offers Primary Care, Family Medicine or Urgent Care.  Students will also have access to counseling and psychological services at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) on the Cheney or EWU Spokane campus at no additional cost. Health and wellness programming, education and other wellness resources will also be available. Additionally, this program supports collaborative educational efforts with Residence LifeStudent Rights and ResponsibilitiesRockwood Clinics, Athletics and other campus and community partners.

Running Start students are not eligible for the Comprehensive Health and Wellness Program or any services included in the fee.

Summer Quarter Students do not automatically participate in the student health clinic services during summer quarter.  Students requesting services must be registered for classes or be a continuing student fall quarter.  Interested students can submit payment at any student financial services office during open enrollment only.  Open Enrollment Dates June 20 - July 1, 2016.


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